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Saturn in Gemini

Dependent upon logic

Kelli Fox

In a relationship, communication with your lover can sometimes be a difficult business. At times you feel like your words are locked up inside, not realizing that really, it's your emotions that are having trouble finding expression. At other times, you might feel like your honey is trying to keep you from speaking freely, or is trying to impede your logic.

Trip-ups in your thinking or your understanding of your lover can lead to big bumps in the road of your relationship. But in general, you're a solid, logical thinker and communicator. When your mind is disciplined, great things result. You tend to think your way through problems in your intimate relationship, of course, when sometimes, an emotional approach would be more appropriate. Intense emotionalism can scare you, because it's so irrational; new ideas can scare you as well, unless they're well-founded and well-explained. And your steadfast dependence on logic and facts in an argument can really annoy your sweetie if they're more comfortable than you are with the abstraction of emotions. On the other hand, your sense of logic can act as an anchor for your relationship.

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