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Saturn in Capricorn

Make time for love

Kelli Fox

You're a hard worker and a dedicated, ambitious soul, and while you may make it far in your career, relationships could be another matter. You can get lost in your work without realizing it; you really want to be a success in others' eyes and you'll take the necessary steps toward that end, even when things get difficult or tedious. But what about romance?

What about fun, lightheartedness, a little downtime with your sweetie? You might pay such close, controlling attention to your work that you forget about the importance of intimacy with your lover. But your personal life is every bit as important as your professional one, so be sure that balanced intimacy with a lover is one of your long-term goals. Commitment is decidedly one of your strengths; when you're in it, you're in for the long haul. You may enter into a relationship where you are business partners as well as romantic partners, and you are likely to make it work. But remember to have fun together, at least sometimes! You deserve a break from focus and drudgery, and romance can be the perfect outlet. There's nothing wrong with showing your true feelings once in a while, you know.

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