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Saturn in Cancer

Break down that wall

Kelli Fox

You are highly protective of your home and everyone in it, so when you're in a long-term, committed relationship, you feel as if you'd do anything for your sweetie, especially if you live together. Though you're deeply committed to and invested in the relationship, however, you may have a hard time showing your truest, most tender feelings of love, because just as you protect your loved ones fiercely, you also protect your own emotions in the same way. You've been hurt in the past, and that has caused you to build a wall around your heart, one that you let crumble only around the people you know and love best.

This can be frustrating at times for your lover; if you refuse to let them in, does that mean you don't love or trust them enough? It has a lot more to do with you than with them, but that's still an issue that could come between you from time to time. You don't like taking unnecessary risks, but when it comes down to the wire, you will -- for the sake of something truly important, like your relationship. One thing to work on in the meantime, though, is loosening up about your feelings. Your sweetie wants to know that they delight and amaze you.

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