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Saturn in Aries

In need of patience

Kelli Fox

There's a constant battle inside you, waged between a desire for structure, tradition and order in your life versus the conflicting desire to break free of the limitations that all of those pose, and to live the exciting, rebellious life you dream of. In your relationships, this can come through in a certain refusal to 'settle down.' Part of being in a long-term, stable relationship is cooperating with the person you love and letting them know you in an emotionally intimate way. For you, this can be difficult, because you like to feel like the leader.

It's hard for you to sit back and let your lover take the reins, in almost any arena of your relationship! Your impulse when you find true love will be either to jump in fast -- such as eloping for a quickie weekend wedding in Vegas -- or to resist the seriousness of your feelings (such as running off for that weekend trip to Vegas...only without your honey). Patience and self-discipline are the two things you need and probably want most in your love life, but they're hard for you to come by. You have trouble making plans, hence that quickie wedding; your impulsive approach can lead to major setbacks that have to be fixed later.

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