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Saturn conjunct Uranus

High-flying ideas

Kelli Fox

You're a free thinker; you always have been. If you go out with someone who's a lot older than you are, or who came from a very different background growing up than yours, your unusual mind could actually be an obstacle in getting along. But that doesn't mean you should try to think more conventionally, or keep your more out-there ideas to yourself!

Now, on the one hand, you should try to rein yourself in at least a little bit; don't run with an idea just because it pops into your head. But doing that isn't much of a concern; you have a built-in reality-o-meter that's usually pretty good about telling you which of your ideas are viable and which are just too high-flying. And on the other hand, your progressive ideas are a great test for your potential sweeties. Can they handle the way your mind works? Can they keep up with you, energetically and intellectually? If not, maybe the relationship isn't worth pursuing. Your best partner in a love affair will be someone who is inspired by your ideas and urges, but who can bring a further grounding influence and help to keep you rooted in the here and now. In short, someone a lot like you!

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