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Saturn conjunct Pluto

An iron will

Kelli Fox

You have incredibly deep wells of tenacity within you, which is a real boon to your work; but you can get way too serious from time to time, and that's not good for your love life. Once you're committed to a love affair, you're in it for the long haul. You let your lover know that you're not going anywhere, and you stick grimly by their side through thick and thin.

But what happens if you commit yourself so thoroughly to a relationship that isn't good for you? You might stay in it way too long, purely because you think that once you've set a course, that's the course you're stuck with. If you have any savior tendencies, this could become a real problem; you might decide that it's up to you to save your honey from themselves, and stay long past when your needs have stopped being met. This inflexibility can work against you in both directions, by the way; you could decide to leave a relationship prematurely, refusing to give it a chance or to let yourself be swayed from running away. Your challenge in love is to let life take its own course sometimes, instead of you constantly directing it -- and to respect your own needs in a relationship instead of suppressing them.

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