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Saturn conjunct North Node

Relax and have fun

Kelli Fox

You may have trouble finding love because you're so shy and reserved. While your friends are getting out there, chatting and laughing and putting the moves on all the good-looking, interesting people they meet, you're back at the table, slowly sipping your drink and peeking around the room, wishing you had half their guts. And when you do meet someone you like, you're still inhibited; it can take you a long time to relax and open up.

Flirting takes effort for you; you have to be in just the right mood to take that lighthearted approach with someone. And your values when it comes to relationships, work, duty and life in general are rather conservative. You have high standards when it comes to the type of lover you're looking for, and that can intimidate some people. Where does all this reservation come from? In short, you're scared of moving forward into an unknown future, so you try to safeguard against possible heartbreak or failure by staying aloof and untouchable while setting unreasonably high standards. Try to relax, both in your standards and in your behavior. You'll find that life and love aren't as scary as you've made them out to be.

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