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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Accepting reality

Kelli Fox

This aspect can be a real benefit to your love life, because it encourages you to shine the light of reality on your dearest-held illusions about love; but it might lead to disillusionment and depression if you're not careful. What's your fantasy regarding love? Most people have a vision of the perfect lover -- one they've made up, that doesn't exist in the real world.

But where other people might be disappointed again and again when their real-life experience of love doesn't live up to the fantasy, you have a chance to avoid that kind of disappointment. This aspect can lend you a nice, healthy dose of reality, allowing you to entertain your fantasies even while firmly reminding yourself that they aren't real -- that your actual, real-life relationships are going to go through ups and downs, and will require work, discipline and maintenance to function long-term. But this is going to take focus, and willpower. If you let yourself forget that fact -- that relationships require work, and will never live up to your fantasies for long -- you could get mired in the depression that results from trying to force a real-life love affair to live up to the dreams you've conjured inside your head.

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