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Saturn conjunct Juno

Attracted to stability

Kelli Fox

When it comes to relationships, you're interested in stability. Short-term flings may be fun in the meantime, but when you're looking for the real deal -- that love affair that's going to last for years, deepening into something you can lean on for strength and support -- you're attracted to a certain sober quality. You might fall for someone older than you, or more experienced -- someone who's been around enough to know how serious relationships are, and who knows how to treat you and the bond between you with the proper respect.

You probably won't try to make things last long-term with someone who demonstrates too much instability. Someone who isn't careful with their money, for example, or whose idea of fun includes going out and painting the town all shades of red every night might be fun in the moment, but would probably be too much for you to handle in the long run. You're willing to trade in a little excitement for some good, solid dependability. Someone who calls when they say they'll call, who pays their bills in full on time, who has a serious and realistic view of life and love -- now, that's someone you could really fall in love with.

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  1. Alyssa on November 22, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Very true! Juno in Aries in the 9th, conjunct saturn and the SN

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