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Pluto trine South Node

Helping friends, helping yourself

Kelli Fox

You, more than most, are able to delve into your past and learn from old mistakes in order to create a sweeter present and future. You can also help your sweetie do the same, because you're unusually intuitive when it comes to psychology and personal growth. You're able to sense your partner's issues as well as your own, and take the necessary steps or offer the right advice to move past them once and for all.

You have a sweet, gentle way of doing this, which is key; instead of being hard on yourself for your own limitations or on your sweetie for theirs, you tend to take a more positive, encouraging approach. For this reason, your lovers tend to rely on you for advice and counseling, as do your friends. They appreciate your ability to dig right down into the depths of their personal truth, but in a way that encourages transformation rather than just pressing their buttons or causing shame or other pain. And your gift is returned in spades, because this act of reaching out and helping others transform their lives for the better improves your own life. And you can bet that it puts brownie points in your karmic bank, as well!

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