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Pluto trine North Node

On to greatness!

Kelli Fox

You have enough personal charisma to attract many people to you, lovers, friends and admirers alike. You have great ideas about how you and others should live life to the fullest, and your friends appreciate your perspective, your advice, your example and your encouragement. In relationships, you provide all of those same gifts to your sweetie.

They're attracted to your passion, to your joie de vivre, to your deep and intense desire to 'get it right' -- get life right, get this relationship right, move forward in your life and have no regrets when you come to the end, because you'll know that you put your all into it. That's the influence you can have on the people around you, if you try. So trust in your instincts, because they're well-honed. If an opportunity pops up and it looks good, take it. In general, you won't have to worry about the solidity of your romantic relationships while you're charging ahead in your own life; if the relationship is meant to last, it will, and if not, it won't. You're comfortable with that truth, because you know that while love is an integral part of life, you're meant to get certain things accomplished in this lifetime, and love is just one of many.

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