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Pluto trine Juno

Keep the passion alive

Kelli Fox

Love and intimacy are opportunities for tremendous growth for you. The experience of loving someone deeply, of committing to them and to the relationship for the long haul, is an experience that you crave, because it's one that transforms your very soul. You're even more able than most to gain personal lessons and positive change through the venue of a romantic relationship, and that becomes truer the longer you're involved with someone, and the more you develop a true partnership with them.

You're a strong, self-aware person, and you're deeply attracted to people with the same qualities. You yearn to know yourself, and you're drawn to people who offer you the promise of further self-knowledge. Lovers who mirror you -- who encourage you to become even more authentically yourself, who love you and tell you exactly what they love about you -- will be the most instrumental in your growth, because they will help to show you who you are as well as to unlock your personal potential. A wonderful side benefit of all this is that you'll always be able to keep the passionate intensity alive in your love affairs, even the one that lasts for the very long haul.

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