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Pluto square South Node

Learn to accept yourself

Kelli Fox

Deep down, you have the feeling that you're not quite...enough. You feel that you don't have enough personal power, for one thing, and you tend to act this out in your relationships in a not-so-healthy way. You get involved with people who uphold your sense that there's something you need to change about yourself -- and then the relationship goes one of two ways: Either you try your hardest, but to no avail, to live up to the standard your lover has set for you; or you rail against them, because who are they to tell you you're not good enough as you are?

The second one is closer to the truth -- in a love affair, you deserved to be loved for the person you are, not the person you could be with a lot of work. But why do you keep hooking up with people who treat you as if you're not good enough? Dynamics of control often enter your relationships, and if you take a close enough look, you may find that you tend to act out the same struggles again and again with each new lover. So instead of doing it all over again the next time, stop that train from rolling now! Turn that genuine interest in self-improvement toward learning to accept yourself for who you truly are.

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