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Pluto square North Node

Pushing yourself too hard

Kelli Fox

You feel an intense inner pressure to know yourself, to move forward forcefully into your own future... But like pressing on a bruise to make sure it's still there, being overly driven about your own progress can actually hurt you. It's too much stress to put yourself through!

You're attracted to equally intense types, people who rarely simply let you be and tell you, 'The way you are now is good enough.' Somehow, you keep managing to fall for people who mirror and uphold your internal feeling that you're not good enough as is -- that there's more growth, cleansing and transformation to be done, and you need to do it right now. Now, the funny thing about all this is, though you try to focus so intensely on your issues in relationships and so on, you actually end up wearing blinders to the real problems you bring to those relationships. Part of the problem is that you're simply unwilling to face the truth about yourself, even while you're so interested in your own depths. Try being a bit more accepting of yourself, flaws included. Because you won't be able to face your true self and move forward into your best future until you can do so calmly and lovingly.

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