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Pluto sextile South Node

Pushing for positive change

Kelli Fox

As much as you're on a personal quest for lifelong transformation, you're also able to offer your lovers and your friends advice in this same arena in their own lives. They see you as being very charismatic, after all. They're attracted to your constant forward-pushing, to your passion and your dynamic view of the game of life.

You'll rarely repeat past mistakes, that's for sure -- at least, not the bigger ones, and not more than a few times. You're really good at looking to the past for clues to the future. You're able to be honest about yourself, about past relationships, and about whatever problems or weaknesses you may have brought to the table. And you're determined not to make the same mistakes in the future! Good for you. This kind of stick-to-itiveness will be a gift for you your whole life, and for your sweetie as well. You're incredibly supportive of their personal journey, as interested as you are in your own. You want everyone to change their lives for the better, not just you! Sometimes, this urge toward positive change will mean the end of a dear relationship -- but you'll be able to handle it, because you'll know it's for the best.

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