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Pluto sextile North Node

A flair for psychology

Kelli Fox

You've always had a natural flair for psychology -- your own as well as that of the people around you, and especially people with whom you're intimately involved. You prefer not to stagnate in relationships, or in your life; instead, you're keenly focused on personal growth, transformation and daily improvement. In love, you train a sharp eye on any problems between you and your sweetie and you work to get to the bottom of things.

You can make your relationships better by looking deeply into yourself and your partner, and facing your issues and shining light into those dark corners of your soul. You'll never stay stuck for long in a relationship that's going nowhere. And even more than that, you're in a wonderful position to offer your unique insights to help other people, instead of just using them to benefit your own love life. In some way, you should strive to bring your gift to the world around you, whether by offering great relationship advice to your friends or even by writing a love advice column or a self-help book intended to help other people make their own lives better in the way that you've improved your own.

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