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Pluto sextile Juno

Turn up the heat

Kelli Fox

When you're looking for a true and lasting love, one of the first questions you should ask yourself about the object of your desires is -- can they handle the heat? Because you bring a lot to your intimate relationships! You're an intense lover, and you're attracted to the same in someone you're considering getting romantically involved with.

Once you do get deeply involved on a long-term basis with someone, the relationship will be nothing if not intense for both of you, in a wonderful way. Love and commitment are two of your personal bests in terms of growth and transformation. You learn so much from the process of getting to know another person at an intimate level, and functioning as their partner in life. It may not always be smooth sailing -- no relationship ever is -- but even the rough patches will be full of lessons and a deep source of interest for you. Somehow, a commitment brings out your most profound source of power. It's safe to say that whoever takes you on as a lasting love will be every bit as strong as you are! And the ride will be incredibly transformative for both of you.

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