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Pluto opposite South Node

The past holds the keys to your future

Kelli Fox

Your genuine interest in your own past and psychological makeup and those of your sweetie means that you can really make some headway when it comes to working through problems in your love affairs. Facing issues head-on is one of your greatest strengths, and doing so is the first step toward transformation of your love life and, really, life in general. You're able to look at your actions in past love affairs and learn from your mistakes.

You're also able to delve into your childhood and other arenas -- including astrology! -- to learn more about why you've become the type of person that you are. This is a truly proactive outlook on life, one that will serve you well -- as long as you avoid your tendency to work a little too hard and obsessively on your relationships, even when it's obvious to everyone but you that things are ultimately going nowhere. This impulse comes from a good place, but sometimes you need to take a step back and look at things a little more logically than emotionally. You can get so intense about someone or about a relationship that you lose all perspective! In cases like these, rely on trusted friends for input.

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