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Pluto opposite Juno

Appreciating the middle ground

Kelli Fox

All too often, your love affairs seem to devolve into chaos -- you and your lover hurling angry accusations at each other, each of you trying to 'win,' forgetting, of course, that relationships aren't supposed to be competitions. They're supposed to be safe havens in which two equals make each other feel wonderful. But you haven't had enough of that latter experience in your love life.

Instead, you get drawn into intense affairs that slowly self-destruct over time (or, not so slowly). For whatever reason, power dynamics always play a huge role in your intimate relationships. If it's not you that's being way too jealous, possessive or controlling, it's the other person; something about that dynamic seems to just draw you back again and again, no matter how much of a struggle it may be in the moment. If you want to bring some peace into your romantic affairs, you're going to have to take an honest look at what it is that pulls you into these dramatic situations. Could it be that you're almost addicted to those intense highs? Remember that they come with more than their fair share of equally intense lows, and maybe you'll begin to appreciate the middle ground between the two.

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