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Pluto in Virgo

Go easy on yourself

Kelli Fox

You're quite strict with yourself when it comes to physical and mental health -- or, if you're not, deep down you wish that you were. You firmly believe in self-analysis and you hold your mind and body to strict standards of functionality. In a love affair, you can't stand it when your lover fails to exercise on a regular basis, eats too much fast food or isn't as hygienic as you'd like.

These things turn you off in a big way, because they represent something that you abhor: general slothfulness and the gradual decline of the body and mind. You know that these can be avoided with constant and rigorous upkeep, but do remember that not everyone has your discipline -- including, perhaps, you. You might hold everyone to strict standards but fail to live up to them yourself. Don't be so hard on everyone all the time! Let your lover be the person they are, whatever that may be; and give yourself a break from time to time, too. It's okay to skip a workout, indulge in a high-calorie treat from time to time, or lie around in front of the TV every now and again. And if you stop subjecting your every emotional response to intense scrutiny, you can actually build the authenticity of your emotions.

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