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Pluto in Sagittarius

Committing to adventure

Kelli Fox

For you, true power lies in the confidence to explore brand-new territories and adventure out into the unknown. For this reason, each new love affair can be a life-changing experience, because each one gives you the opportunity to get to know someone new at an intimate level -- and each new person is an entire universe unto themselves, if you think about it. Everyone has their own subjective way of experiencing life, love and sex, and for you, exploring the territory of your new lover's mind can be intoxicating.

Just make sure that this doesn't translate into a version of wanderlust that makes you move from one lover to the next without ever developing true intimacy with anyone. There's way more to be discovered about a person, after all, than can be revealed in a few days, weeks, months, even years. Your best partner in love will continually surprise you, and will keep giving you new glimpses into the unknown. You, in turn, have to hold on for the whole ride, rather than dropping off prematurely. But it's likely that your honesty and your drive for understanding will at least keep you from leading anyone on in the name of love.

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