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Pluto in Leo

The quest for self-knowledge

Kelli Fox

You're intensely creative, and that gift has always helped you to grow as a person and to get through the tough times in your life. You're very interested in exploring the depths of your own soul and understanding your own psychology, and you'll go to great, creative lengths to do that. If a love affair ends badly, for example, you might exorcise your demons through painting, creative writing, acting in a play, creating music -- or, just writing in your journal about your feelings, or talking a lot to your friends in an effort to know yourself more deeply and figure out why things went they way they did.

You tend to have self-indulgent, expensive tastes, and might ignore some parts of your life that other people would find important in favor of the parts that are most important to you -- friends, love affairs, possessions, a sense of drama and romance. If these things get too far out of balance, a disruption could occur, so watch that you don't max out your credit cards in paying for your expensive toys or neglect your work in favor of pursuing love. On the other hand, it's your sense of drama and vitality that will really transform your soul, so indulge it.

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