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Pluto in Cancer

Personal transformation through love

Kelli Fox

You have enormous stores of emotional strength within you, and you stand the chance to make big changes in your life using this emotional strength as a catalyst and a guide. But big changes may also happen to you, ones that cause a huge upheaval in your life and your feelings -- a breakup of an important romantic relationship, for example. When big things like this happen to you, you should rest assured that you'll get through it -- and that home is where you make it.

Your family and your home life are of extreme importance to you, and that goes for the family and home you'll create with a lover as well as the one you originally came from. Strive to make this newer, created home a loving and open one, especially if the one you came from wasn't as loving as it should have been. For you, home as a safe haven is an important concept, and when you create that in your life, you can truly use it as a springboard for great personal transformation. This means that when you find the person you want to live with and make a part of your everyday, loving life, they will be a major force of change and growth for you -- however the relationship ends up.

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