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Pluto conjunct North Node

Self-awareness improves your relationships

Kelli Fox

You have a unique chance to improve your current and future relationships, once and for all. You, more than many, are able to take an honest look at the problems you bring to a relationship, and to work on improving them. You're not so proud that you can't admit to your shortcomings, at least to yourself; you're more interested in actual personal progress than you are in pretending that you're fine and that it's always the other person who ends up ruining things.

You understand that relationships are generally fifty-fifty; each person contributes both strengths and weaknesses, and you're willing to take responsibility for your part of things. Good for you! This is an excellent attitude, because it means you'll rarely get stuck living out an old, tired relationship pattern. Instead, you'll always look for new, better ways to relate to your lover. Just make sure that you don't stay too long in a relationship that's going nowhere, in hopes of working things out. Sometimes, even if you understand exactly what issues you and your sweetie face together, overcoming them is another matter entirely. Not everyone is as self-aware as you are, after all!

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