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Pluto conjunct Juno

Drawn into drama

Kelli Fox

For you, a long-term love affair is inextricably linked with power. You're attracted to intense types, and the dramatic ups and downs that relationships can go through seem to only draw you in more deeply, even when they make your life more difficult. You may have to work through some intense power struggles with your lover if you get married, move in together or make some other commitment, and things won't always be easy -- but commitment with a lover has the power to transform you, if you'll only let it!

And that can be a tall order for you. There's potential for you to get into long-term relationships that wring you dry, that bring a little too much drama into your life, and if you're too occupied with the drama of it all, there won't be much time or energy left over for personal reflection. But if that happens, think about why you're so drawn to this type of intense interaction with a lover. What are you trying to gain? The answer probably involves transformation -- personal growth through love, intimacy and extreme emotions. You're on a journey, one that won't always be easy, but that will bring about intense growth and change within you.

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  1. Cece on May 24, 2018 at 9:26 am

    can you please write a description for lilith conjunct juno? 🙂

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