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North Node trine Juno

You shouldn't have to choose

Kelli Fox

You know where you're headed in life, or at least you've mapped out your path -- and the cherry on top of your cake of life will be that long-term, loving, committed relationship that lets you pursue your goals without having to choose between them and the relationship. In fact, your love affair will be strengthened through the very act of your pursuit of your own path in life. And you'll do it all on your own, if you want or need to; you can even keep your professional and private lives separate, if you wish.

But when you want your sweetie's advice or support, they'll be right there cheering you on, and ready to help you out in any way that you need. Isn't it great to have that kind of unconditional support? In fact, if you are with a lover who does not offer you that type of support, that will be one way that you can know that the relationship probably isn't going to last long-term. Because on this front, you shouldn't compromise. Your need for a committed and stable relationship is every bit as important as your need to find your way in life and to make something of yourself, and you should be able to do both instead of having to choose between the two.

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