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North Node square Juno

Struggling for balance

Kelli Fox

Your sense of your own future path is uncomfortably at odds with your long-term, romantic commitments. Perhaps you feel as if you can either choose the relationship or your career, but you can't have both; or you can choose to travel alone or stay home with your honey. But why does it have to be an either-or situation?

That's for you to find out, and the process probably won't be an easy one. But one good thing about this influence is that it will force you to figure things out, no matter how difficult or lengthy the process might be. It may end up that you'll always have an uncomfortable time trying to balance your own goals with your love life; if so, that's simply a balance you'll have to keep trying to maintain, because neither one is more important than the other. Your life path is of utmost importance, of course; but so is intimacy, love, trust -- all the things that come from committed partnerships. At base, this struggle is about independence versus unions; needing to focus on the future versus settling down in the present, and feeling satisfied. Whatever you end up with is yours to decide, but know that the struggle is worth it.

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