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North Node sextile Juno

Love supports forward progress

Kelli Fox

Your sense of commitment and partnership works well with your ambitions for the future. You know where you want to go in life, and your intimate relationships shouldn't keep you from your path; instead, they should actually be a supportive influence that helps you get wherever it is that you want to go. It's not necessarily that your lover will be your guide or mentor; ideally, you'll still have plenty of independence as you move forward in life, and plenty of room to make mistakes and then learn from them on your own.

But when you need support, you want it to be there. When you need advice from your sweetie, you want them to be there to provide it for you. It's important for you to have this kind of close association with your honey, because for you, your close, long-term relationships will be as important as your own personal progress toward your goals. You don't want to have to subvert one for the other, and with this influence, you shouldn't have to. Your personal life and your professional one should get equal time, and should work in harmony. And it should be easy to regain the balance between the two whenever you feel it's a bit off.

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