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North Node opposite Juno

Pulled between two extremes

Kelli Fox

It may feel as if your life path is moving irrevocably away from the person you're in love with and committed to, and that could become a real problem. You may feel torn between the two -- your professional life or ambitions versus your private life, or your yearning for a stable love affair. Maybe in order to advance in your career, you're required to be single or travel a lot or spend too much time on your own, making a relationship seem like an impossibility.

Or perhaps you'll find that committed bond that you want, but an opportunity will come up that you feel like you'd be an idiot to refuse -- except for the fact that it will take you away from all that sweet stability. However this push-pull manifests, you'll feel caught in the middle, unable to give your all to either side. You may feel as if you have to choose between the two extremes, but the truth is, in the end, if you want some peace, you'll have to find a happy medium. This may not be the most comfortable answer, as you'll always feel that you never got to pursue one or the other goal to its fullest extent; but it's crucial that you don't stay locked in one extreme or the other. Find a way to make the two work together.

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