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North Node in Virgo

Focused, unselfish ambitions

Kelli Fox

In the past, or perhaps even in a past life, you were too romantic about love and life in general, and you weren't focused enough on the practical side of things. Maybe you spent too much time fantasizing, or you allowed yourself to be led along in a love affair because you lacked the self-direction needed to make your own decisions. Either this approach simply didn't get you far or it actually hurt you unnecessarily, especially if you had cherished illusions in a love affair that ended up being exposed as nothing more than silly fantasies.

Either way, now is your chance to be more practical and focused. In a love affair, you shouldn't spend so much time fantasizing that you overlook the reality of the relationship, be that good or bad. Instead, work hard, focus on your goals -- in both love and life -- and make sure to nurture both yourself and your loved ones, including your sweetie. Sometimes you can be too much of a caretaker, neglecting yourself in the process, and you shouldn't let this happen. Still, being of service to someone other than yourself will lead you down the right path in life. It's time to get focused and unselfish in your ambitions.

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