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North Node in Taurus

Seek a trustworthy lover

Kelli Fox

An old, deep-rooted sense of vulnerability and mistrust -- perhaps even stemming from a past life -- is pushing you to get a lot more grounded in your current life. As a result, you're attracted to people you can trust: people whose finances are in order, who are emotionally stable, whom you know you can rely on through thick and thin. You should also, however, be determined to learn to provide for yourself.

Part of that old mistrust and fear that you still feel inside you is based on having relied too heavily on others in the past, and having been let down. Now, it's time to learn to rely on yourself. This is not to say that you shouldn't rely on your sweetie for emotional support, of course; you should certainly seek out lovers who are trustworthy and who offer you their shoulders to lean on. But you must also learn to stand on your own two feet. Only when you trust yourself and your own ability to provide for yourself will you be able to relax enough to trust an intimate partner. Your best bet in love is to move forward at a steady pace with someone you love and trust, with a stable commitment as your goal. Seek out a lover whose emotional life is similarly stable.

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