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North Node in Scorpio

Time for a change

Kelli Fox

However you may have behaved in relationships in the past, you're called upon now to stop being stubborn or selfish, and start looking for the deeper significance in things. Perhaps you've been overly materialistic in love in the past, expecting costly gifts as tokens of your lover's affection, or even refusing to date anyone whom you knew wasn't financially comfortable. If this doesn't ring a bell, this may actually be from a past life, one that you don't have any way of remembering now; but the karmic effects are the same.

You need to take this lifetime to make important changes within yourself. Your sex life, specifically, is one area that may need your attention. Make sure that you're careful about whom you become sexually intimate with, when and why. Treating sex too casually isn't a good idea -- though you may rebel against that traditional-sounding value. But you'll find that when you start treating sex with more sacredness, you'll feel better and clearer in your intimate relationships. You're attracted to powerful, magnetic types; personal power really stimulates your sex drive and makes you want to know more about this compelling person.

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