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North Node in Sagittarius

Treat them with respect

Kelli Fox

In the past -- or even in a past life -- you may not have taken love affairs seriously. You may have been the type to 'kiss and tell,' which could have led to hurting your lover's feelings unwittingly, simply out of failing to take their feelings into account at all. Now, you have a chance to be much more honest and aboveboard in the way that you treat your lover, and to learn more about what love's all about.

Because while it's fun, it isn't a game; when another person's heart is involved, it's serious business, and it deserves your serious attention and understanding. And now, you're starting to understand. You're much more ethical in love affairs than ever before, and you should definitely continue this trend. Treating someone shabbily just isn't you anymore, so don't breach your own ethics by betraying your sweetie. Good treatment of others and a genuine urge to understand life and love creates good karma for your future, after all. Treating your lovers with respect helps to ensure that you'll be treated in the same way.

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