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North Node in Pisces

A kinder, gentler lover

Kelli Fox

In the past -- possibly even in a past life -- you were overly critical of your sweetie and their every action. Your criticisms created an atmosphere of judgment and blame that wasn't fun for either of you, and that wasn't good for your lover. But now you can move past that; you've learned to be compassionate and understanding instead of critical and exacting, and your change in outlook really helps your love life.

Now, your lover can relax in your presence, and feel nurtured and supported instead of nagged and picked on. You're also gentler now with yourself, which will also have a positive effect on your love life. You no longer feel the need to work so hard all the time, trying to attain perfection within yourself and your intimate relationship. Instead, you accept the messiness of love, and you find beauty in the irrational chaos of emotion. What a much better place to be in! You're a much more self-sacrificing lover now, able to put your sweetie and their feelings first instead of holding them to behavioral standards that make them feel bad or repressed. In general, you've moved toward a kinder, gentler self, and should continue in that direction.

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