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North Node in Leo

Time to reach out

Kelli Fox

In the past, or perhaps even in a past life, your focus on relationships was a little too aloof, unemotional and scientific. You may have stuck to your own oddball living habits rather than moving in with a lover and learning to adjust your rhythms to something a little more conducive to a partnership, or you may simply have rebelled against the idea that you might have to change anything about yourself or the way you live in order to keep love in your life. As a result, you were alone; even in intimate relationships, you held yourself apart.

But now, your challenge is to open up your heart to all the pleasures of love. Your life itself will open up once you learn to extend yourself outward rather than staying in your own, personal little world all the time. Being lighthearted and playful with your sweetie may feel strange at first, or even inauthentic, but it's worth it -- because through being more warm, friendly and sociable, you'll change your life for the better. At the very least, this change in attitude will help you to connect with your sweetie more readily, in a way that's satisfying to you both. Be bold and expressive in your love, instead of keeping it all inside.

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