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North Node in Gemini

Time to focus on your goals

Kelli Fox

In the past -- even in a past life -- you may have been a little too restless and optimistic in love, never settling down with someone special. You were all about keeping your options open, and now, your task is to get more focused and detailed about the kind of lover you're looking for, or the kind of relationship you want to create. It's good to have goals to work toward, after all, even in love.

And if you define your goals and get specific about it, you'll have a much greater chance of reaching them. So what do you want out of a love affair? Fun? A meeting of the minds? Loyalty, longevity, stability? Whatever it is, think of it -- and then get even more detailed in your description. It might even be a good idea to write down whatever comes to mind, because there's power in getting the written word on the page and having it to refer back to whenever your goals become unclear. Furthermore, you can fine-tune your love goals if you've got them all written down together in one place. So consider your goals in love, and once you've got a clear picture in mind of what you want and whom you're looking for, you can start moving forward with purpose.

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