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North Node in Capricorn

Developing thicker skin

Kelli Fox

In the past, any upset in love just caused you to withdraw completely, because you felt like you simply couldn't handle the hurt from a lover's betrayal -- or even just their accidentally tactless treatment. Well, now's your chance to get a little less emotionally sensitive and a little more practical about things. No one will treat you with the utmost care at every moment of every day; that's an unreasonable ideal, and one that should be abandoned as soon as possible.

If that's what you expect from a lover, how can you be anything but disappointed when it's not what you receive? Instead, lower your standards -- just a little. Yes, you should be treated with sensitivity and respect, but that's just not always going to happen. Sometimes people get moody or careless, and they slip up. Being able to forgive someone you love is a real strength, one that you should cultivate. You're attracted to hardworking, moral, ethical types anyway, so chances are good that you'll generally be treated well, with the respect that you want and deserve. And on those off-days, cut your sweetie some slack; but don't take it too far, and pretend something doesn't bother you when it does.

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