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North Node in Cancer

A shift in focus toward love

Kelli Fox

This placement calls for a shift in your energies and your focus, away from the selfish pursuit of personal goals and toward a more selfless, nurturing attitude that can be directed outward toward your loved ones. Now, this selfish pursuit of your goals may be from this life, or it may be a past one -- but whatever happened before no longer matters. What matters now is that you change the way you look at life, and shift your view of what's most important.

For you, what is most important should be a loving, warm, nurturing home life. If you've spent too much time in the past focusing on your career, that probably hurt your love life, because who has time or energy for romance when they're relentlessly climbing that ladder? But the stars are urging you to spend more time at home, with your sweetie, your children or your friends. You should loosen up emotionally, and let the people you love know in no uncertain terms that you care for them. This may run counter to every instinct within you, but once you make that move away from your public life (career) and toward your private one (love), you'll find that your life really opens up and improves.

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