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Neptune trine South Node

A clean slate

Kelli Fox

Chances are good that you've made peace with past relationships, no matter how much they might have hurt at the time, and you're moving on. This is one of your strengths: You're able to take your life lessons as they come, and use them to move forward into a bigger and better future. In love affairs, what a gift this is!

While other people get stuck running around in circles, recreating the same relationships over and over again, you move on. You try not to repeat the same mistake twice, and you try to let go of any regrets or other negative feelings left over from the past. Your good experiences in love also contribute to your general feeling of faith in the future -- as if you're headed where you're supposed to be going, and you'll get there in your own sweet time. Your intuition plays a strong role in your current and future love life. You tend to get strong feelings and impressions of your dates, and you should listen to those feelings -- they're usually right-on, and they can point you in the right direction. Because of this intuitive strength, you make a tender and sensitive lover. Those are just some of the gifts you have to offer your sweetie.

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