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Neptune trine North Node

A healer at heart

Kelli Fox

In love affairs, you're a nurturer. Even at subtle levels, you use your intuition to tell you what your lover needs in order to feel wonderful, and you do what you can to provide it for them. If they need to feel as if they're right all the time, you graciously concede each point.

If they need to feel like the center of things, you let them have the stage. If they need to feel thoroughly loved, you go out of your way to show them just how much you adore them. You're a very sensitive lover, and it's through using this power of sensitivity that you'll forge your own path in life. This, after all, is one of your greatest strengths, and using your strengths builds them. Do watch out, though, for your tendency to see only the best in people. That's a wonderful quality, to be sure, but it's one that can get you in trouble sometimes if you're not careful. On the other hand, you also bring out the best in other people, so most times, even if you're involved with someone who may not be the best person for you, you'll still influence their life in some very positive ways, and they probably won't end up influencing you overly negatively.

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