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Neptune trine Juno

A humbling experience

Kelli Fox

You're most attracted to people who have a pronounced spiritual side, and even more than that, who find spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment through relationships. Because that's just how you are: For you, love is an emotionally transcendent experience that fills your soul and brings you closer to the mystery and magic of the universe. For you, love wouldn't be complete without this sense of enchantment, and a prosaic, straightforward romance won't go far with you.

You need that extra little dash of something that thrills and delights you, and makes you wonder at the vastness of all we don't know about life, love and what it is to be human. Someone who didn't recognize their own spiritual side or who didn't appreciate and encourage yours wouldn't be the right partner for you. You need someone who can bring out this tender, compassionate side of you. And when you find them, you'll devote yourself to them selflessly, doing whatever it takes to fulfill their needs and make them feel as special as you believe them to be. Your empathy is honed and increased by the experience of being in love; for you, it's a humbling one that uplifts your very soul.

Neptune trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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