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Neptune square Juno

Time to wake up

Kelli Fox

You're a spiritual and compassionate person, but you may take those qualities a bit too far in your romantic attachments. For you, simple compassion or empathy can turn into a savior fantasy; you might enmesh your life with that of someone who doesn't deserve your time and energy, but you'll throw yourself into trying to save them anyway, convincing yourself that it's worth it -- all the pain and emotional starvation you go through are worth it in the end. This is a form of self-martyrdom, you know.

Is that really what you want -- to be a martyr in love? It's wonderful to be selfless, but you should give that gift only to people who deserve it. A good rule of thumb is to put into a relationship only what you get out of it, and no more. If your sweetie can't be as selfless and nurturing for you as you are for them, then perhaps they're not the right partner for you. After all, your tender and loving soul deserves some compassion, too. They're not the only one that needs saving; we all do from time to time. It's time to stop deluding yourself about the state of your love life, and start seeking a partner who can give back as much as they get out of being intimate with you.

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