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Neptune sextile South Node

A giving and sensitive lover

Kelli Fox

Whatever you've been through in love so far -- both your positive experiences and your less-than-great ones -- has all come together to make you the sensitive, intuitive and giving lover that you are today. You love to shower your sweetie with affection, because the act of loving empowers you. And more than that, the act of intuiting your sweetheart's needs and then responding to them actually helps you, at a deep level.

In some way, your life path includes giving out lots of love and nurturing, without which you wouldn't get where you need to go. So look to your past for cues when you're feeling confused about the future. Is there a wonderful relationship that you've been through yourself, or one you were witness to -- the love between your parents, maybe, or your grandparents, or two of your dear friends? Somewhere in your past lies keys and clues to your future. All you have to do is look. Do try, though, not to repeat old mistakes. You often overlook the truth about a person's nature in favor of seeing only their best qualities, which can lead to problems sooner or later. But in general, your optimism and positivity are real boons to your relationships.

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