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Neptune sextile Pluto

The transcendent experience of love

Kelli Fox

While you may get involved in a few flings, you're more able than some to transcend your bodily needs for a higher ideal. Sex just for its own sake may not hold a lot of appeal for you unless other aspects indicate it; you'd much rather connect on a physical level with someone with whom you're emotionally bonded with, because that way, the experience is so much more transcendent and important. Sex without love is basically empty, but sex can be an important growth experience when paired up with true intimacy and emotional attachment.

You've always understood that, so you tend to look for relationships that really mean something to you rather than pursuing someone who just appeals to you on a physical level. Love, also, is a spiritual experience for you, one that helps you grow hugely as a human being. If you look back over your life, you'll find that your romantic affairs corresponded with periods of intense personal growth and transformation, and it will always be this way for you. So when you're getting involved with someone new, use this truth about yourself as a barometer for whether the relationship is worth pursuing. If there's more there than simple attraction, it probably is.

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  1. SriPrakash Jung Paudel(fb id) on March 12, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    I am really happy that I have taken rebirth after about 800 years. And now I now what to do here, I have already recognized all my enemies and my mistakes too. I will change them all or either destroy them all.

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