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Neptune sextile North Node

Follow your instincts in love

Kelli Fox

Follow your instincts in love, because they're probably good ones, and will likely lead you where you want to go. Even if you take some wrong turns in the game of romance -- getting involved with someone who ultimately turns out to be wrong for you, for example, or staying in a relationship too long that's stagnant and going nowhere -- you'll figure it out eventually, and you'll be stronger for the experience in the end. Your instincts will work faster than your conscious mind when it comes to opportunities in love, so if you find yourself leaning toward a particular person, attracted to them even if you're not sure exactly why you feel the way you do, rest assured -- there's probably a good reason for it.

You may experience disappointments in love based on expectations that are sometimes overly idealistic or unreasonable; but again, you can stand the disappointment. As long as you determine not to wallow too long in your disillusionment, you'll be fine. Your strength in relationships is moving forward on instinct, and being fearless about whatever the future holds -- even the not-so-fun experiences you're sure to encounter from time to time.

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