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Neptune opposite South Node

Active spirituality

Kelli Fox

Seek out a lover whose spirituality is highly developed and who is still actively searching, just like you. Your best partner will be someone who can encourage you along your own path, and whose path runs at least similarly to yours. There is much spiritual learning and transcendence to be found in love, after all; the experience of nurturing another person can be incredibly moving for both people involved.

And you're a true romantic; you have the capacity within you for truly selfless, compassionate love. But it's up to you to make sure that you give it to someone who can give it back, because your path forward in life isn't only about putting that helpful energy out into the world. You also need it in return, and you'll be much stronger if you can find a lover who gives back what you give to them. Otherwise, you'll end up drifting along in a relationship, living up to its demands but subverting your own over time to the point that you forget that you have needs, desires, an agenda of your own, at all! Don't let that happen. Take an honest look at your lover and the bond you share with them. Now is your time to pull the blinders off and make sure you're getting what you need out of love.

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