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Neptune opposite North Node

In need of perspective

Kelli Fox

Your love life thus far may have been a series of false starts and bad timing. You meet someone the day before they're moving to a new city...you think things are going great in a new romance, and then they let you know they're actually interested in someone else... Whatever it is that keeps happening, it all amounts to the same thing: Somehow, you keep misreading signals and trying to head in directions that just aren't the right ones for you.

It's easy for you to get confused about which way to go, because the path simply isn't clear, and your intuitions don't tend to help out much -- lots of times you'll get a strong feeling about someone that just turns out to be wrong. It might be that you're spending more time fantasizing about relationships than you are actually seeing what's truly there between you, and that can lead to trouble and disillusionment down the line. You tend to delude yourself a lot about the state of your relationships -- where you are with your lover now, and where the two of you are headed in the future. One way to deal with this issue: Check with your honey often, to make sure that their vision matches up with yours.

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