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Neptune opposite Juno

Lower your expectations

Kelli Fox

Spirituality and spiritual love are important to you, but it might feel like every time you think you've found someone to love, it turns out that they're actually standing in the way of your spiritual pursuits. You want to experience the magic and mystery of love, but instead, every time you come close, something happens to leave you feeling disillusioned. What's the deal?

One strong possibility is that your fantasies and expectations of love are just unrealistic. Yes, love can and should be a transcendent experience -- in moments; but it can't be that way all the time. Plenty of times, in fact, it's just ordinary; mundane, everyday problems crop up and you have to deal with them... It's no wonder you escape to fantasy so often! But if you're misleading yourself about the possibilities of love, you're just setting yourself up for failure in the end. You would do better to accept the fact that love will uplift you from time to time, but in those in-between moments, it's up to you to push through to the next high. And if you think you've found wonderful, intense, lasting love but those highs never seem to come, it may be time to face the truth and move on.

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