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Neptune in Virgo

The better half of perception

Kelli Fox

You tend to downplay or even dismiss your intuitions, your psychic abilities and other such 'impractical' things. But in love, it's best to tap into and nurture your intuitions about the person you're attracted to or involved with, because sometimes, this is one of your best indicators of the health of your lover or the relationship itself. If you pooh-pooh your own intuitions or overanalyze them, you'll make them dryer and less authentic than they would have been if you'd simply believed in them from the start, and you'll definitely reduce their power.

But logic and reason are only two ways to look at and process the world, and they often simply don't apply to matters of the heart. But you try to force them anyway, rationalizing your feelings or your sweetie's, ignoring strong feelings inside yourself unless they have a basis in provable fact. Well, the fact is, they do; your mind just hasn't caught up to your emotions or intuitions fast enough to learn why you're sensing whatever it is that you're sensing. But feelings and intuitions always have a source, and you'd be able to read your partner and your relationship much better if you could combine these with your logical side.

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