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Neptune in Scorpio

Seeking the light

Kelli Fox

You feel things at a powerfully intense level -- your physical desires as well as your emotional or internal ones -- and you should make sure that you don't get too in touch with the dark side of love and your own psyche. You're drawn to darkness, after all, to an extent. You see the difficult parts of love, such as possessiveness, jealousy and manipulative behavior, as avenues toward learning and enlightenment, and you're right.

If you travel through the darkness, you'll come out on the other side in the light...eventually. But sometimes it's easy to get stuck in the darkness. If you find yourself in an obsessive relationship that exhibits any of the above themes of darkness, you may have a really hard time ever bringing things out into the light, because you're so drawn to that sort of intensity. De-intensifying a relationship can be difficult, if not impossible! A lover with whom you shared this depth of intensity would probably be very sexually compelling, as well, because it's easy to merge sex with emotions and possessiveness and all the rest of it -- and that blend can be utterly compelling. So do yourself a favor and keep things a bit on the lighter side of life!

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